Hopping Mad!

Suddenly the computer won’t work, the server dies, monitors flicker or don’t turn on, HELP! Well I know this is no consulation, but it happens to all of us, the PC that no one wants to touch with the applications that do something, but you are not quite sure what. This experience has been made worst with the ending of support for a few of the older Microsoft Operating Systems and spyware attacks that can pose as hardware issues. A common issue lately is the latter, where the PC that was running the office can no longer connect to the network or slows down to a crawl. This is just a warning to make sure that you check for viruses and spyware before you completly give up!

The obvious solution for this is to plan and replace the obsolete equipment on a regular basis, but what do you do in the mean time? Well hopefully you got some help, and figured out how to get around the problem. If the computer in question is older, you should definatly replace it, for newer equipment make sure the virus and spyware scanning is up to date, and you have a backup. The next step is to spend time checking what else needs to be replaced and biting the bullet on the really old stuff.

By replacing computers and components on a regular basis, in the long run you will save money, and a lot of headaches. A good rule of thumb is to replace PCs at least every 3 years, along with the monitor, unless it is an LCD, they never lose brightness or focus like CRTs do.

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