Boston Podcamp #pcb4

Here in the northeast it has seemed like we haven’t had a summer yet so this is probably as close as it gets. Podcamp this year focused on the use of social media and how it was being used. Being focused on the business aspects, I learned a few things that I think will help my clients and customers which are reinforced by my own experiences. The number one lesson is that while companies are recognizing social media as a buzz word they need help utilizing it.  Just twittering the special of the day may work for one business but not another. A game plan for using Social Media has to be developed for companies based on their individual goals and expectations.   The value and pricing of these services by both parties seem to be all over the map. Leveraging your existing relationships and skill sets may help you in setting up a model that works for you.

Social Media currently seems to be a generalized area where specialization hasn’t occurred yet, this became obvious in the discussion on the future of work session. The early adopters are just beginning to get rewarded for their pioneering efforts in educating businesses in the use of a more developed community based online presence.  It is still clear that no experts really exist in this field but a lot of bright people are making different aspects work. Companies are looking for people with Social Media skills but assuming this to be a single person.

Tracking your social engagements still seems to be in its infancy, much like tracking Internet metrics was 10 years ago. The difference is that the industry has grown up and a lot of what we learned in the past should be able to be transitioned.

Video is playing an increasingly important role and should not be ignored;  webinars and short information messages are replacing older voice only podcasting. The Hubspot people did a great presentation on how to produce videos without much editing. Keeping videos short and less than 2 minutes seems to keep people’s interest longer.

On a latter note I will say that Apple IPhones and Macbooks seemed to be required appendages.  While hyper local got redefined for me when somebody tweeted for toilet paper while in the first stall of the ladies room.Â

Most of my insight as advertised did come for the interactions in the hallways and impromptu sessions on the lawn. I’m already missing podcamp and all my new friends.


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