Money, Money MONEY!

It’s after the holidays and for some reason other people like to buy me electronics, and vidoe games (hint I can buy wholesale!). Well luckily I can return it and buy what I want right? Wrong nowadays returning electronics, video games, or DVDs means the dreaded store credit. This used to be only if you didn’t have the receipt, it just doesn’t matter anymore they got your money and they are not returning it!

Another thing that is really annoying is the rebates, especially on high priced electronics that can cost hundreds of dollars, the advertised price usually includes the rebate. So when you go to the register you have to fork over the difference, what a pain! This doesn’t apply to in-store rebates that I think are a great idea, I am talking about the cut the Universal Product Code (UPC) off the box, fill out at least 3 forms and send in the original receipt rebate. The $100 computer rebate is worth it, even the $30 CDR is worth doing, but what about the $5 almost free pack of pens one, is it really worth the hassle?

So say you send the rebate in you better make sure it goes out certified mail, I think half the ones I ever sent out have just plain disappear. I like the grocery store coupon approach I don’t care if they know about every product I have ever bought all I need to do is have them scan a barcode on my key ring and I save about $20 a week, no fuss or hassle. I’d be happy if the stores were required to at least show the correct price without the rebate, or at least make it clearer.


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