science_of_warLately it seems that the virus and malware war is escalating, but before I go any further I would like to recommend a product from just called Anti-Malware.  The free version’s only limit is that it doesn’t run in the background you have to run it manually.  This is a great utility to have installed on any of your computers even if you just suspect something is amiss.

I have been getting a lot of calls about a fake Antivirus program being installed on people’s computers call AntiVirus 2009, this just suddenly appears on your desktop.  From what I can tell this gets invited in by what’s know as a rootkit trojan. To get a little technical a root kit can get full access to your computer and is almost impossiable to remove.  A few years ago Sony got in trouble for installing one when you used one of its CD’s, one of Sony’s many mistakes as of late.  The program mentioned above at least for now seems to be able to painlessly remove these types of malware, that have many tendrils into your computer.  The worst is if you have this fake anti-virus installed it is usually accompanied by a few other nasties, and it can spread to any other computer in your home and business easily.

The problem lately has been that the major players seem to be missing a lot of these viruses, trojans and malware. The increasing use of social networking sites and the Internet in general has created a zombie army of computers to mount attacks on websites, companies or just spread themselves.  This was brought to my attention more recently when this blog got inundated with comment spam, this is coming from thousands of computers located around the world.  Luckily WordPress which is what I use for this blog blocks 99.9% and the remainder goes into moderation so it never appears.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is just to let you know that in order to protect yourself from this you need to have at least an up to date anti-virus subscription and your Windows Firewall turned on, along with an Anti-malware product or two.  If you even suspect something is wrong don’t let it fester, because if you know when it happened you can easily use the builtin System Restore in XP and Vista to at least try and get back to normal.  Also be more vigilent on what you click on and what websites you visit, the people who do this are getting a lot more sophisticated.  Make sure that you have Automatic updates enabled in some manner, Microsoft usually releases security patches on Wednesday so if you see that little shield in the corner asking you to install updates I would highly recommend it.  If you feel that you still have a problem call your computer professional ASAP, because the longer you wait the harder it is for us to clear it out.

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