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I started publishing to this blog over a week ago and I had it in test mode for a week before, so I thought I would take the time and describe the experience so far. Well, since I try and publish an article 6 days a week it can be a little hard, but I usually have a couple of articles stored in draft mode. WordPress the blogging software I use allows me to store articles in draft and publish them at a predefined times in the future. If you look around this site you can find enough links to download the program, and it is free. It uses PHP and MySql as the database, and is a breeze to setup. I don’t know a lot about what it does in the blogging disbursement sense, but google found my site within the first day and I hadn’t submitted it. If you don’t want to worry about your own website can use or other blog providers, most offer the service for free.

I usually use the unique visitor statistic to measure how well my sites are doing, and within the first week I have had over 500 hits in this category (see the graph at the end of this article). I also have been getting a few emails even though I had not published my email at this site (until now see below). My initial goal of blogging was to share information out away from any of the other sites I own. The reason for this is two-fold, one I can be a little more informal (Note parrot picture), and the second reason is that I can express my personal opinions more.

The articles take about 15 minutes to an hour to write and are actually a very relaxing activity. I have noticed that each article does get easier, and my spelling and grammar has improved. Anyway if you want to get in touch with me or suggest articles, product reviews, etc.. you can reach me at michael at farpointsolutions dot com, I’m sure you can figure out the real email address, hopefully the spammers won’t. Hope I can be of help please ask me questions at the farpointsolutions helpdesk located in the link section. Have a nice weekend, and I hope you’ll join me blogging, please send me a link if you do.

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