I don’t know why I bought these, other than I thought they would be neat to try. I bought them for over 30% off at http://www.woot.com,  which is one of those daily discount sites.  These are the ones that work right out of the box with the Microsoft Zune and the Nokia, they also come with a composite video and audio cable.  Additional cables for the ipod are also available but may not work with newer iPods due to a new licensing requirement by Apple. 

While the resolution seems low at 320×240 this doesn’t look as bad as you would think.  The image ends up being projected somewhere beyond your nose and appears to float in space.  A higher resolution version is available at a considerably higher price, but I foresee using these for filming and maybe watching some TV shows and DVDs on the run, so it shouldn’t matter.  One of the nicer features of these glasses is that you can still see around you, so you are not completely in the dark.  The ear buds are comfortable and the sound is amazing, this is because they are manufactured by Ultimate Ears.  While the description of the MyVu Solo Plus on the woot.com website mentions a volume control I have not located it yet.

There are some Cons that you need to be aware of, the major one is that if you wear glasses and not contact lenses the picture will appear fuzzy.  An attachment to fix this is available for around $100, but I would just rather get some contacts fitted.  The other issue is that at 320×240 you can see between the scan lines, which is why I am sure higher resolution models where introduced.  I am looking forward to getting my Microsoft Zune 120 in order to try these with a portable player.  So far other than having to wear my glasses to see the screen clearly I really like them.

If you think you are going to look cool in these just look at my picture, they are very unstylish, somewhere between looking like a cylon and LaForge from Star Trek 2nd Generation.  The controls are easy to operate, other than that you have to hold the power button on for 5 seconds in order to turn them on.  If the connector is not secured to the pendant they will shut off quickly. Initially I thought there was something wrong, but I wiggled a few wires and all was fine.  Documentation was minimal at best with just a startup sheet; more documentation is available at http://www.myvu.com.  Charging the glasses is done by a standard USB cable and they were ready fairly quickly.  The viewing time is supposed to be around 4 hours, but I have not confirmed this.

I will try and add updates to this blog post as I play with these and let you know the results of my various tests.  This was one of my few impulse buys lately, but I am afraid if I go to the woot.com website more often, I might succumb to more of these purchases.  I posted the woot.com web address for the MyVu Solo Plus glasses below, although you will not be able to purchase them from this site, because the sale is now over.


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