This is my second post on the exciting weekend I had at Podcamp in Boston #pcb4.  I was lucky enough to be invited to this event by a friend and had a great time.  Since then I have read a few posts that mentioned that the feel from the last few years wasn’t the same.  They said that it was a different crowd and I don’t doubt that, because as the buzz begins to grow around Social Media it starts drawing a more diverse audience.  My friend expressed the same observations to me throughout the (un) conference, that it was more business focused and less about community. 

Having been around the block for awhile I remember the same arguments in the early days of Web 1.0.  Everything should be free, how dare Amazon charge for books, they shouldn’t make a profit etc…  What has been proven is that if you build an economy around an idea it tends to flourish.  I have a lot more free stuff available to me now than in the early days of the web.  I also have a better Internet experience now and it is everywhere and a hell of a lot faster and more rewarding.

I still might even to be able to experience Woodstock, I hear that the New Hampshire Podcamp is free…

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