The other week I saw someone twittering about a friend having their Identity stolen on Facebook.  If you get a chat request from one of your Facebook friends that is requesting money sent to the UK or anywhere else for that matter, contact your friend immediately and have them let  facebook know they have a problem.  The only way I know to contact them is by using the help file which is accessed from the bottom of the screen or by this link: The first link at the top of the page directs you to the Security Forum where you can request help.  This can be a problem if the hackers have locked you out of you account, so you may just have to email them.

Here is an example of a typical hackers chat

Some other steps to take would be to change the password of the email that was originally linked to facebook.  The hackers may of already changed the email associated with it, but it is  important to do this first, because they most likely have that password.

Check to see if the email you associated with facebook is still the correct one, if it is then change your facebook password to something differant than the email password you changed above.  Another step would be to contact the local police department, they usually have someone trained in dealing with online fraud and may be able to expedite fixing the problem.

Anybody with any additional information please feel free to comment, or if you have had a similar experience please let us know how you resolved it.

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