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Beware Conficker Worm set to go off April 1st

Conficker worm is set to go off tomorrow in one of the largest Internet attacks in awhile. If you can’t get to certain web sites you may be one of the millions infected. This article is one of the more detailed articles on how to remove it from your computer and what to expect April [...]

I like my Netbook

Recently I picked up an older model Acer Aspire One Netbook. While I wouldn’t recommend this as your main laptop computer it is great for taking on the road weighing less than 3lbs.  Since this was a close out model with a slow Solid State Drive and an 8.9″ screen, it  is not the fastest [...]

Virus war is escalating

Lately it seems that the virus and malware war is escalating, but before I go any further I would like to recommend a product from just called Anti-Malware.  The free version’s only limit is that it doesn’t run in the background you have to run it manually.  This is a great utility to have installed on [...]


Since I started blogging again and joined facebook I figured I would try Twitter.  Well normally it should be a breeze to setup, but of course the day I signed up the site was having issues.  First small annoyance is that I couldn’t upload an image, but the bigger issue is I couldn’t register my [...]

Copying files to a Virtual PC

I use Virtual PCs in development all the time and usually map a drive on the host pc in order to copy files.  Recently while reading Gary James’s blog he had an article that stated by just opening Windows Explorer on the virtual and on the Host you could copy between them.  Well since I use [...]

House jumps the shark (literally)

I’ve been a fan of House up until this season, if anybody missed it in the first few minutes of the show tonight he literally jumped the shark with a small car.  Jump the shark refers to a Happy Days episode where Fonzi jumps a shark which was considered the point at which the show [...]


Last summer I bought a Roku in order to watch movies from Netflix on what at that time was a regular 27″ tube TV. Recently I updated my television to a 42″ plasma and was a little worried about how the Roku would perform considering it is hooked up via a wireless connection to the [...]

Microsoft ends free support for Vista SP1 on March 18 2009

About a year when Microsoft introduced Service Pack 1 for Vista it also offered free support with any issues upgrading or installing Vista with SP1. Well folks the clock is ticking and after March 18th you will now have to pay for support just like any other Microsoft products. So even if you are having [...]