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Zune 120GB

After ordering the myvu glasses a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be nice to see how they worked with a portable media player.  Since we had an Apple ITouch, I figured I would try out the Microsoft Zune for a change.  Over the last few months I have heard good things about [...]

Twitter me this Batman

While I have been playing with Twitter for awhile for broadcasting and following interesting topics, the other day it came in useful for another reason.  One of the few things that is hard to do without nowadays is email, and mine had stopped working.  This has happened in the past and it takes awhile to [...]

myvu solo plus

I don’t know why I bought these, other than I thought they would be neat to try. I bought them for over 30% off at,  which is one of those daily discount sites.  These are the ones that work right out of the box with the Microsoft Zune and the Nokia, they also come [...]